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Who’re the real Terrorists?

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately in the justice system . The media groupies in the local as well as national news have been reporting that everyone and their brother, as well as kids, are being charged with our crime fighters’ newest buzz words, “terroristic ‘whatever’”, crimes.

For example, a teenager here in our state took a gun to school (wrong of course), brandished it, (wrong again), and supposedly threatened to shoot people. He was charged with a “terroristic” threat of some kind.

In the meantime, a slime ball killed 13 of our soldiers in Fort hood. While he clearly has ties to terroristic agencies, the authorities are staying away from charging him with any terroristic activities. All in the name of political stupidity correctness, so we don’t offend our “enemies”! How stupid is that?

Let’s review":

We charge citizens with “terroristic” crimes, while we don’t charge terrorists with terroristic crimes.

Is this Where we want to go?


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The Democratic “Groupies”, the mainstream media, claim the Republicans lost to Obamacare

Listening to the “mainstream” media as they call themselves, you get the idea that the Republicans lost to the dems in the Obamacare vote.

But who really lost?

So who is the biggest loser? THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, who continue to not want Obamacare in ever increasing larger numbers:

From the Flopping Aces blog: “A few weeks ago the split on ObamaCare was 45/42 against. What is it now after the “Socialism is Awesome” tour by Obama?


Before I go any further, who is “mainstream media” now?  Looking at the ratings lately, it seems the “big” network news media are all trailing the cable news networks.

The big newspapers and news magazines are also waning in popularity. So again, who is the “mainstream” now?

The AMERICAN PUBLIC are the biggest losers in the health care takeover. Can’t wait to lose most of my Medicare to give it to illegal aliens. And to fund abortions.

How long do I have to wait before I face the “Old people’s death board?”  Over 80? Take a pill and die.

Media is a big part of the problem we face. The young people don’t know any better because all they’re ever fed are lies everywhere go for news. If you’re told that blue is green from the time you were born, then guess what, blue IS green as far as you are concerned.

With the Public finally waking up to the real facts, the Obama administration and the “groupies” are on a tear to smear everyone and every thing that tells the truth.




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